Frequently asked questions

Skydiving FAQs

What is a tandem skydive?

A tandem skydive is where you are attached to an experienced tandem instructor via a harness and parachute system.  You will both freefall and fly the parachute together to a designated landing area (dropzone).

What do you wear?

Recommended attire is comfortable clothing for the weather and temperature on the ground. Also, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes such as tennis shoes (without hooks).  You are oftentimes outfitted in jumpsuits which are worn over the clothing. Skydiving equipment is provided by the drop zone. 

What time should we arrive?
Please show up at the scheduled time or just a little prior. Our schedule is set up to prevent excessive wait time that you will experience at many other drop zones. 

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. Because of the nature of skydiving, it is industry standard to charge a deposit. We require a $50 non-refundable deposit per person scheduled.  In the event of inclement weather, deposits can be rescheduled or refunded.
Do you have to “sign your life away” before skydiving? 

Sort of. As with most sports, there are potential risks involved and it is standard to address safety concerns. Before or upon arrival at the skydiving school, all jumpers must fill out a registration form and sign a liability release.
How fast do you freefall? 

Around 120 mph or approximately 1,000 feet for every six seconds of freefall.

Does your stomach drop like a rollercoaster?

Surprisingly no.  There typically is not a "sudden drop" feeling.  Falling at such a fast speed, the air acts almost like a cushion, supporting your whole body as you fly through the air.

Will you lose your breath? 

No. The rush of air and adrenaline may make you feel that way, but just relax and breathe normally through your nose or mouth. 

After your parachute opens, how long is the descent back to the ground? 

Approximately five minutes. It's a good time to take in the breathtaking views and practice maneuvering the parachute. 

How old do you have to be?  

18 years old is the minimum age to skydive in Florida.  This is regardless of parental consent.

What are the physical requirements? 

All participants should be in good health and physical condition and should not be on medication which could affect judgment or performance.  You will sign a waiver verifying good health.  Your height is not a limiting factor, however our weight limit is 230 pounds and needs to be height/weight proportional. Exceptions can be made with prior arrangements, but be sure to call first.

What height do you jump out of the airplane? 

14,000 feet above the ground for tandem jumps.

How long do you freefall?

For tandems and AFF student approximately 60 seconds before deploying your parachute between 4,500 and 5,500 feet above the ground. 

How long does it take to make my first skydive? 

For an average tandem skydive plan to be with us 2-3 hours. 

Should I make reservations? 

Yes, reservations are not required but are highly recommended as it saves you $$ and time and guarantees you slot.

Can I go solo on my first jump?

No.  Whether you are only doing it once or are going through the skydive certification, all jumps start with a tandem skydive.

Tandem skydiving over Florida.

Tandem skydiving over Florida.