Skydive Certification

Training in a Nutshell

We do a "Tandem Progression Accelerated Freefall" training program, also called "AFF".  It is structured around 9 jumps plus a 6-hour ground school.  Ideally, the whole thing should be done in a timely matter as the longer you wait between jumps, the more jumps you will have to do and more money you will spend.  Currency is key to safety in skydiving!  Let's look at the AFF program in detail.

Introductory and Training Tandems

You will begin with an "Introductory" tandem.  This is just a standard fun tandem jump to experience the thrill and excitement before deciding to proceed.  If you have already done this tandem with us in the previous 90 days, it will count as one of your training jumps.  You will then do two more tandems that are "training tandems".  These need to be done in a timely matter from your first tandem and then no more than 30 days between each jump thereafter.  Each of these tandem jumps have skills and dive flows that need to be performed along with you pulling the ripcord yourself.  You also get the benefit of flying the parachute with an experienced instructor while learning canopy characteristics, flight patterns and landing techniques.  Your first step is to book your initial tandem and then you can go from there!

Ground School

Before proceeding beyond your tandems, you will need to attend our Ground School course.  This typically lasts around 6 hours and usually held on Saturday mornings once every couple weeks at the dropzone.  You will cover an array of material that you will need to know in order to fly solo in the sky!  Typically there are around 6 students in each class along with your experienced AFF Instructor.  To know dates of upcoming Ground School courses, please give us a call at 850-674-5867.

AFF Student Jumps

For your 6 AFF student jumps you will be under your own parachute system, but an  AFF instructor will be with you in freefall, either holding onto you or right next to you.  There are 6 categories of AFF jumps and you need to pass each one before proceeding to the next.  Before each of your AFF category jumps, you need to complete the appropriate USPA Category Quiz.  Once you have received a 100%, please screenshot it and email it to  Click below for the link to the category quizzes.

USPA Category Dive Flows

Below is a link that brings you to the USPA videos and detailed information for each of your category dive flows as a student.

Beyond AFF

Once you have completed all of your AFF jumps, you are now considered a "self-supervised" student.  From here you work towards your "A" license.  You will need a minimum of 25 jumps plus an "A" license proficiency card completed in order to reach this goal and become a licensed certified skydiver!  One of these items is to be able to pack your own parachute (and jump it!).  Below is a tutorial for parachute packing.  We also have experienced packers that can give you a "packing class" upon request.  Skydive Panama City can help you achieve your goal from your first skydive all the way up to your "D" license!  The sky's the limit!